Dream Wedding Photography by Duncan Holmes - FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you offer a better price if I only want the ceremony or reception covered?
While I would love to be able to cover everybody's wedding, any wedding will be a full day of my time, as I would not be undertaking any other work. Not to mention the post production, travel and other general overheads. I'm therefore limited as to the prices I might offer. I can offer a slightly discounted price for ceremony only or evening reception only cover, but you might find that there are other lower budget options available from other photographers.
How much of the wedding will you cover?
I'll be there from when you want me there to when you want me gone. This can be from the getting ready shots through to last orders or any points in between.
How far will you travel and does it cost more?
Though I'm based near Glasgow I've covered weddings throughout Scotland and Northern Egland and am happy to travel further afield if needed. Locations which might require me to stay over near the venue, island weddings etc. will be factored into the fee I quote.
How many images will I get?
I will take a large number of pictures on the date of your wedding, many of these might be duplicates to ensure that the best record of your day is available to you. Part of my job is to eliminate the blinks, the odd looks or the images that just didn't quite work and present you only with the best images.  I normally try to present no more than 400 images as proofs and often this can be as low as 150 for smaller/shorter weddings.
What kind of images do you take?
I'll try to adapt my photographs to your wedding's style and your own requests. I often find a mixture of formal and informal pictures (reportage style) gives you a varied record of your day, with images suitable for the parents' wall or an album to tell the story of the day. I have a background that includes fashion and beauty photography, so can adapt my work to wide variety of styles.
Do I get my images on disk?
My basic package will include a DVD or USB with high resolution and web resolution images. The high resolution images are suitable for printing and the contract gives you permission to get prints done.  The bride and groom may also receive a proof book with thumbnail images of the pictures on their disk/USB
How can I share my pictures with friends and family?
Customers are also given a secure web gallery of their proofs that they can share with their family and friends. This gallery allows friends and family members to also order prints and other wall display products if they wish.
How do we order an album?
Once you have your proofs and have had a chance to view them, you can choose a selection for publication. You then just need to tell me the pictures you want included, the size of the album and any cover options and I will provide a quote and a draft design.* Once you're happy with the design you would pay for your album up front and it will be delivered within 2-3 weeks. The design process can be as quick or slow as you find convenient and you should feel free to request any changes, but once the order has been placed and you have confirmed your approval and placed the order, changes can't be made. Family or guest albums should also be ordered at the same time to ensure the best combined price.
(* Unless you have selected a package that already comes with a photobook or albums included, in which case you'll already know the price.)
Will we meet, have an engagement shoot or a pre wedding shoot?
I generally prefer to meet my customers early on to discuss their plans and then a few weeks before the wedding to go over the details. If you'd like to have a wee practice at being in front of the camera then we can also arrange this and I can make the images available to you via an online gallery or photobook. Some brides and grooms like to have a picture beside their signing book or even a frame that can be signed by guests and these pre wedding/engagement photoshoots can be a great opportunity to get a picture to be included there. It can also be a chance for you to pick up some posing tips and for me to get a better feel for the kind of photographs that you'd like on the actual wedding day.
How long do we have to wait for the pictures?
I'll always aim to have your initial proofs ready on your disk/USB and in the proof book within 2 weeks of the wedding. The secure web gallery can sometimes be made available a little sooner.
Are you insured?
Yes. I am fully insured. I have professional indemnity and public liability insurance.
Do you also shoot video of the wedding?
I like to focus on what I do best and stick to photography. You can find some detail other service providers on my links page.
 We'd like to book you but not yet, is that ok?
Some times of year fill up pretty quick and it is not unusual for me to receive enquiries for dates 2 or 3 years ahead (some couples really like to plan...a lot). A booking or a date can only be confirmed when the contract has been signed and the booking fee paid. Bookings are therefore taken on a first come first serve basis.
 I can see other weddings you have done on your site, does that have to happen?
While I appreciate it if a couple are willing to share a few pictures from their day with the wider world I don't have to publish any online and you can keep you day private if you wish. In those instances where one of my weddings might appear in print in a magazine I would always ask permission first as well.
I have more questions.
Well I'll be happy to answer them. You can use the form on the contact me page, send me an e-mail, give me a call or we can meet up and have a chat about your wedding plans and to see if we're a good fit.